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Connect with a new generation of mobile phone users who rely on SMART PHONES to do everything from share photos with friends, get GPS guided traffic updates and conduct business transactions, all with the touch of a button. Extraordinary opportunities come with the global expansion of the smart phone market. As technology changes, the legal profession must adapt to the needs of a new “smart” consumer. Finding legal representation can now be done instantly with new information tools wirelessly from any mobile device from virtually any location.


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iSeeklaw is a software application that can be instantly downloaded onto an Apple iphone to deliver hundreds of law firms to a consumer in any location. By utilizing iSeeklaw’s proprietary matching system, consumers get more than a random list of lawyers. They can actively select from over 15 different criteria to help them locate the best client match possible, all in a matter of seconds.


Organize – Consumers can choose the lawyer that best matches their needs based on a highly selective list of personal, professional and biographical highlights. iSeeklaw is oriented to provide values-based information, as well as professional accomplishment. By breaking down these categories into simple, easy to use touch screens the consumer can sort through multiple combinations of legal profiles from any location in the United States.


One-touch solutions – Time is a very valuable commodity. In general, if would be preferable to speak to a client sooner, rather than later while the client is in the process of hiring a legal representative. We can literally put your law firm’s complete business profile onto a simple, easy to use mobile legal directory with the touch of a button. By down loading the iSeeklaw icon, any consumer or business can locate your firm in real time from any wirless location 24 hours a day.


Values - For both the legal professional and the consumer it is far better NOT to engage a lawyer if the lawyer and the client have a different set of expectations of services rendered. iSeeklaw believes that a lawyer’s personal background and interests can be a powerful indicator of shared values. This can be a very important selection criteria for the client. It is well known that people with similar interests and backgrounds will often communicate more clearly. Let iSeeklaw help to refine a more precise and suitable client for your firm.






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